About CHCI

HMI's Christian Hockey Camps International offer a fun, safe and positive approach to improving the skills of players aged 9 - 17 regardless of their skill level.

With the focus of our programs always centered on Christian Values, campers learn hockey skills from current and former players and coaches from the NHL as well as the AHL, Minor Pro, European and University levels.

Every member of our staff is specially trained and screened ensuring that our Christian Hockey Camps International are conducted in a trusted and safe environment.

HMI's Christian Hockey Camps International are designed by coaches and players to help players reach their potential. Former National Hockey Leaguers such as Ryan Walter, Laurie Boschman, Bill Butters and many others ensure that our curriculum introduces, strengthens and reinforces the skills every hockey athlete needs.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of such accomplished individuals allows CHCI camps to instill core values in every attendee. Values such character, faith, courage, integrity and drive are more than words; they are part of the experience.

Camper Quotes

"At the beginning of camp I knew a little bit about hockey and nothing about Jesus. But at the end of camp, I know more about hockey and I learned to trust in Jesus. I am going to follow Him the rest of my life."

"I guess you could call me a veteran of your camps. I attended for 5 years and had a blast. The program is phenomenal and I want to continue to be involved. After attending Thursday night chapel this year, I recognized how much the camp is a spiritual refresher. Thank you to all who play a role in making Christian Hockey Camps International the highlight of many kid's summers."