My Hockey Trail to Christ

Playing hockey 15 years. I owe everything I have to God and without HMI I would not have the relationship I do with my creator. It is because of the Lord that I have the chance and privilege to play college hockey and also became the Captain. The Lord has given me more than I could ever ask for and more than I feel I've deserved, he's given me skill, strength, courage, and health. Without any of these and more importantly God's love I wouldn't be the man I am. I have endured many struggles and trials as Captain which I thought would end badly or result in losing my team, but because I had the Lord on my side, I was able to prevail in the face of these tests and hardships. I owe my relationship with my creator to my family at CHCI, without them I would be a sheep lost in the darkness.


  • Robert Morris ACAH D3